Top 100 Success Quotes That will Inspire You to Be Successful

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Top 100 Success Quotes That will Inspire You to Be Successful

Top 100 Success Quotes That will Inspire You to Be Successful


“Man Needs his Difficulties because They are Necessary to Enjoy Success.”

 A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


“Success is Not Final; Failure is Not Fatal: It is The Courage to Continue that Counts.”

 Winston S. Churchill


“The Successful Warrior is The Average Man, with Laser-Like Focus.”

 Bruce Lee


“Success is a Lousy Teacher. It Seduces Smart People into Thinking they Can't Lose.”

 Bill Gates


“Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Giving up. The Most Certain Way to Succeed is always to Try just One more Time.”

 Thomas Edison


“Keep away from People who Try to be Little your Ambitions. Small People always do that, but The Really Great make you Feel that You, too, can become Great.”

 Mark Twain


“There are No Secrets to Success. It is The Result of Preparation, Hard work, and Learning from Failure.”

 Colin Powell


“Live Life to The Fullest, and Focus on The Positive.”

 Matt Cameron


“The Best Revenge is Massive Success.”

 Frank Sinatra


“There are No Gains Without Pains.”

 Benjamin Franklin


“Try Not to become a Man of Success. Rather become a Man of Value.”

 Albert Einstein


“Success is a Science; if You have Yhe Conditions, You get The Result.”

 Oscar Wilde


“Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meet.”

 Bobby Unser


“Nothing can Stop The Man with The Right Mental Attitude from Achieving his Goal; Nothing on Earth can help The Man with The Wrong Mental Attitude.”

 Thomas Jefferson


“If at First you Don't Succeed, Try, Try again. Then Quit. No Use being a Damn Fool about it.”

 W.C. Fields


“Success Consists of Going from Failure to Failure Without Loss of Enthusiasm.”

 Winston Churchill


“90% of Your Plans are Going to Fail No Matter what You do. Get Used to it.”

 Mark Manson


“Never Stop Dreaming, Never Stop Believing, Never Give up, Never Stop Trying, and Never Stop Learning.”

 Roy T. Bennett


“Failure is The Condiment that Gives Success its Flavor.”

 Truman Capote


“My Secret for Success? I Don’t Know what The Hell Success means.”

 Al Lewis


“Failure is The Key to Success; each Mistake Teaches us Something.”

 Morihei Ueshiba


“Success Breeds Complacency. Complacency Breeds Failure. Only The Paranoid Survive.”

 Andy Grove


“The Road to Success and The Road to Failure are almost Exactly The Same.”

 Colin R. Davis


“Success is Doing Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well.”

 Jim Rohn


“A Person who Never Made a Mistake Never Tried anything New.”

 Albert Einstein


“All you Need in This Life is Ignorance and Confidence, and Then Success is Sure.”

 Mark Twain


“The Way to get Started is to Quit Talking and Begin doing.”

 Walt Disney


“One Secret of Success in Life is for a Man to be Ready for his Opportunity when it Comes.”

 Benjamin Disraeli


“If Everyone is Moving Forward together, then Success Takes Care of itself.”

 Henry Ford


“A Strong, Positive Self-image is The Best Possible Preparation for Success.”

 Joyce Brothers


“If you Really Want to do Something, you'll Find a Way. If you Don't, you'll Find an Excuse.”

 Jim Rohn


“Shallow Men Believe in Luck. Strong Men Believe in Cause and Effect.”

 Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Stop Chasing The Money and Start Chasing The Passion.”

 Tony Hsieh


“It is Hard to Fail, But it is Worse Never to have Tried to Succeed.”

 Theodore Roosevelt


“Never Give in Except to Convictions of Honor and Good Sense.”

 Winston Churchill


“A Successful Man is One who can Lay a Firm Foundation with The Bricks others have Thrown at Him.”

 David Brinkley


“The Ladder of Success is Best Climbed by Stepping on The Rungs of Opportunity.”

 Ayn Rand


“Success is Most often Achieved by those who Don't Know that Failure is Inevitable.”

 Coco Chanel


“A Successful Man is One who Makes more Money than his Wife can Spend. A Successful Woman is One who can Find such a Man.”

 Lana Turner


“Failure is The Condiment that Gives Success its Flavor.” 

 Truman Capote


“He has Achieved Success who has Worked Well, Laughed often, and Loved much.”

 Elbert Hubbard


“Failure is Success in Progress.”

 Albert Einstein


“For Success, Attitude is Equally as Important as Ability.”

 Walter Scott


“Your Success and Happiness Lies in you. Resolve to Keep Happy, and your Joy and you shall Form an Invincible Host against Difficulties.”

 Helen Keller


“At The End of The Day, let There be No Excuses, No Explanations, No Regrets.”

 Steve Maraboli


“Success is Not Greedy, as people Think, but Insignificant. That is why it Satisfies Nobody.”

 Lucius Annaeus Seneca


“One Important Key to Success is Self-Confidence. An Important Key to Self-Confidence is Preparation.”

 Arthur Ashe


“Our Greatest Glory is Not in Never Falling, but in Rising every Time we Fall.”



“Success does Not Consist in Never Making Mistakes but in Never Making The Same One a Second Time.”

 George Bernard Shaw


“The only Limit to our Realization of Tomorrow will be our Doubts of Today.”

 Franklin D. Roosevelt


“Judge Your Success by what You had to Give up in Order to Get it.”

 Dalai Lama


“The Secret to Success is Good Leadership, and Good Leadership is all about Making The Lives of your Team Members or Workers Better.”

 Tony Dungy


“If you have No Critics you’ll Likely have No Success.”

 Malcolm X


“You have to Learn The Rules of The Game. And then You have to Play Better than anyone else.”

 Albert Einstein


“My Powers are Ordinary. Only my Application Brings me Success.”

 Isaac Newton


“In order to Succeed, your Desire for Success should be Greater than your Fear of Failure.” 

 Bill Cosby


“Success Comes from Knowing that you did your Best to Become The Best that you are Capable of Becoming.”

 John Wooden


“I do Not Pray for Success, I ask for Faithfulness.”

 Mother Teresa


“I've Failed Over and Over and Over again in my Life and That is why I Succeed.”

 Michael Jordan


“The Three Great Essentials to Achieve anything Worthwhile are, First, Hard work; Second, Stick-to-itiveness; Third, Common sense.” 

 Thomas A. Edison


“Success is Not The Key to Happiness. Happiness is The Key to Success. If you Love what you are doing, you will be Successful.”

 Albert Schweitzer


“Success is a State of Mind. If you Want Success, Start Thinking of yourself as a Success.”

 Joyce Brothers


“Many of Life’s Failures are People who did Not Realize how Close They were to Success when They Gave up.”

 Thomas A. Edison


“If Opportunity doesn't Know, Build a Door.”

 Milton Berle


“Life isn't about Finding Yourself. Life is about Creating Yourself.”

 George Bernard Shaw


“One can have No Smaller or Greater Mastery than Mastery of Oneself.”

 Leonardo da Vinci


“It is Better to Fail in Originality than to Succeed in Imitation.”

 Herman Melville


“When Obstacles arise, you Change your Direction to Reach your Goal; you do Not Change your Decision to Get there.”

 Zig Ziglar


“The Worst part of Success is Trying to Find someone who is Happy for You.”

 Bette Midler


“Patience, Persistence and Perspiration Make an Unbeatable Combination for Success.”

 Napoleon Hill 


“And will you Succeed? Yes Indeed, Yes indeed! Ninety-eight and Three-quarters Percent Guaranteed!”

 Dr. Suess


“Winning is a Habit. Unfortunately, so is Losing.”

 Vince Lombardi


“Success is Getting what you Want. Happiness is Wanting what you Get.”

 Dale Carnegie


“Without Continual Growth and Progress, such Words as Improvement, Achievement, and Success have No Meaning.”

 Benjamin Franklin


“I Owe my Success to Having Listened Respectfully to The Very Best Advice, and then Going away and Doing The Exact Opposite.”

 G. K. Chesterton


“Success is how High you Bounce when you Hit Bottom.”

 George S. Patton


“I'm a Success Today because I had a Friend who Believed in Me and I Didn't have The Heart to let him Down.”

 Abraham Lincoln


“Success is Getting what You Want, Happiness is Wanting what You Get.”

 W.P. Kinsella


“If A is a Success in Life, then A Equals X Plus Y Plus Z. Work is X; Y is Play; and Z is Keeping your Mouth Shut.” 

 Albert Einstein


“Never Mind what Others do; do Better than Yourself, Beat Your own Record from Day to Day, and You are a Success.”

 William J. H. Boetcker


“The Secret of your Success is Determined by your Daily Agenda.”

 John C. Maxwell


“Opportunities Don't Happen. You Create them.”

 Chris Grosser


“Success is Falling Nine Times and Getting up Ten.”

 Jon Bon Jovi


“Behind every Successful Man there’s a Lot of Unsuccessful Years.”

 Bob Brown


“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your Tears Water The Seeds of your Future Happiness.”

 Steve Maraboli