Top 100 Peace Quotes That Will Give You Peace in Your Life

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Top 100 Peace Quotes That Will Give You Peace in Your Life

Top 100 Peace Quotes That Will Give You Peace in Your Life


“We can Never Obtain Peace in The Outer World until We Make Peace with Ourselves.” 

Dalai Lama 


“Conflict Cannot Survive Without your Participation.” 

Wayne Dyer  


“Peace Begins with a Smile.” 

Mother Teresa  


“The only Way to Bring Peace to The Earth is to Learn to Make our Own Life Peaceful.” 



“Observe Good Faith and Justice Toward all Nations. Cultivate Peace and Harmony with all.” 

George Washington 


“There is No Way to Peace. Peace is The Way.” 

A. J. Muste  


“Peace Cannot be Kept by Force. It can Only be Achieved by Understanding.” 

Albert Einstein  


“Souls Reconstructed with Faith Transform Agony into Peace.” 



“Share your Smile with The World. It's a Symbol of Friendship and Peace.” 

Christie Brinkley  


“Do Not let The Behavior of Others Destroy your Inner Peace.” 

Dalai Lama 


“Don’t Gain The World and Lose your Soul, Wisdom is Better than Silver or Gold.”

Bob Marley 


“Gratitude Makes Sense of our Past, Brings Peace for Today, and Creates a Vision for Tomorrow.” 

Melody Beattie


“Courage is The Price that Life Exacts for Granting Peace.”

Amelia Earhart


“Peace, which Costs Nothing, is Attended with Infinitely more Advantage than any Victory with all its Expense.”

Thomas Paine


“You may Say I'm a Dreamer, but I'm Not the Only One. I Hope Someday You'll Join us. And The World will Live as One.” 

John Lennon


“In The Midst of Movement and Chaos, Keep Stillness Inside of You.”

Deepak Chopra


“A World of Vested Interests is Not a World which Welcomes The Disruptive Force of Candor.”

Agnes Repplier


“Peace is Not The Absence of War but The Presence of Justice.”

Harrison Ford


“If there’s No Inner Peace, People Can’t Give it to You. The Husband Can’t Give it to You. Your Children Can’t Give it to You. You have to Give it to You.” 

Linda Evans


“When The Power of Love Overcomes The Love of Power, The World will Know Peace.” 

Jimi Hendrix


“You Cannot Find Peace by Avoiding Life.” 

Michael Cunningham


“Mother's Love is Peace. It Need Not be Acquired, it Need Not be Deserved.”

Erich Fromm


“What can You Do to Promote World Peace? Go Home and Love Your Family.” 

Mother Teresa


“First keep The Peace within Yourself, then You can also Bring Peace to Others.” 

Thomas a Kempis


“I Do Not Want The Peace that Passeth Understanding. I Want The Understanding which Bringeth Peace.” 

Helen Keller 


“Peace is Not only Better than War, but Infinitely more Arduous.”

George Bernard Shaw


“Fighting for Peace is Like Screwing for Virginity.” 

George Carlin


“Peace is a Day-to-Day Problem, The Product of a Multitude of Events and Judgments. Peace is Not an ‘is’, it is a ‘Becoming’. ”

Haile Selassie


“Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace. Where there is Hatred, let Me Sow Love.”

Francis of Assisi


“Ask for Peace First, and You will Clearly See your Next Step.”

Alan Cohen 


“Right is Right, even if Everyone is Against it, and Wrong is Wrong, even if Everyone is for it.” 

William Penn


“The Soldier above all Others Prays for Peace, for it is The Soldier who must Suffer and Bear The Deepest Wounds and Scars of War.” 

Douglas MacArthur


“Working for Peace in The Future is to Work for Peace in The Present Moment.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh


“The World is a Dangerous Place to Live; Not because of The People who are Evil, but because of The People who Don't do anything About it.” 

Albert Einstein


“Darkness Cannot Drive out Darkness: Only Light can Do that. Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate: Only Love can Do that.” 

Martin Luther King Jr.


“If we Ourselves Remain Angry and then Sing World Peace, it has Little Meaning. First, our individual Self must Learn Peace. This we can Practice. Then we can Teach The Rest of The World.”  

Dalai Lama


“Peace is Not Achieved by Controlling Nations, but Mastering our Thoughts.” 

John Harricharan


“The Practice of Peace and Reconciliation is One of The Most Vital and Artistic of Human Actions.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh


“If There must be Trouble let it be in My Day, that My Child may have Peace.” 

Thomas Paine 


“In a Nuclear age, Each of us is Threatened when Peace is Not Secured Everywhere.” 

Jimmy Carter


“Everlasting Peace will Come to The World when The Last man has Slain The Last but One. 

Adolf Hitler


“Peace is a Daily, a Weekly, a Monthly Process, Gradually Changing Opinions, Slowly Eroding Old Barriers, Quietly Building New Structures.”

John F. Kennedy


“You can have Peace. Or you can have Freedom. Don't ever Count on Having both at Once.” 

Robert A. Heinlein


“It isn’t Enough to Talk about Peace. One must Believe in it. And it isn’t Enough to Believe in it. One must Work at it.” 

Eleanor Roosevelt


“Peace of Mind for Five Minutes, that's what I Crave.” 

Alanis Morissette


“To Forgive is The Highest, Most Beautiful form of Love. In Return, you will Receive Untold Peace and Happiness.”  

Robert Muller


“He is Happiest, be he King or Peasant, who Finds Peace in his Home.”  

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


“You can have Peace. Or you can have Freedom. Don't ever Count on having both at Once.” 

Robert A. Heinlein


“If We have No Peace, it is because We have Forgotten that We belong to Each other.” 

Mother Teresa


“Peace Day should be Everyday.” 

Michael Douglas 


“In Peace The Sons Bury their Fathers, but in War The Fathers Bury their Sons.” 



Never be in a Hurry; do everything Quietly and in a Calm Spirit. Do not Lose your Inner Peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole World seems Upset.

Saint Francis de Sales


“Peace is Never a Perfect Achievement.” 

Kofi Annan


“We must Restore Hope to Young people, Help The Old, be Open to The Future, Spread Love. Be Poor among The Poor. We Need to include The excluded and Preach Peace.”

Pope Francis


“Do Not Overrate what you have Received, nor Envy others. He who Envies others does Not Obtain Peace of Mind.”



“Never, ‘for The Sake of Peace and Quiet,’ Deny your Own Experience or Convictions.”

Dag Hammarskjold


“Peace is more than The Absence of War. Peace is Accord. Harmony.” 

Laini Taylor


“Those who are at War with Others are Not at Peace with Themselves.”

William Hazlitt


“How Come we Play War and Not Peace?" "Too few Role Models.” 

Bill Watterson


“Respect for The Rights of Others means Peace.” 

Benito Juarez


“I Prefer Peace. But if Trouble must Come, let it Come in my Time, so that my Children can Live in Peace.” 

Thomas Paine


“The Present Moment is Filled with Joy and Happiness. If you are Attentive, you will See it.” 

Thich Nhat Han


“The Greatest Destroyer of Peace is Abortion because if a Mother can Kill her own Child, what is Left for Me to Kill you and you to Kill Me? There is Nothing between.” 

Mother Teresa


“Our Peace shall Stand as Firm as Rocky Mountains.”

William Shakespeare


“The Earth is too Small a Star and We too Brief a Visitor upon it for anything to Matter more than The Struggle for Peace.”

Colman McCarthy


“Peace Begins when Expectation Ends.” 

Sri Chinmoy


“Until he Extends The Circle of his Compassion to all Living Things, Man will Not himself Find Peace.” 

Albert Schweitzer


“The Simple Path, Silence is Prayer, Prayer is Faith, Faith is Love, Love is Service, The Fruit of Service is Peace.” 

Mother Teresa


“To Survive in Peace and Harmony, United and Strong, We must have One People, One Nation, One Flag.” 

Pauline Hanson


“The Practice of Forgiveness is our Most Important Contribution to The Healing of The World.” 

Marianne Williamson


“Many people Think Excitement is Happiness... But when You are Excited You are Not Peaceful. True Happiness is Based on Peace.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh


“Those who Make Peaceful Revolution Impossible will make Violent Revolution Inevitable.”

John F. Kennedy


“Dream always of a Peaceful, Warless, Disarmed World.” 

Robert Muller


Whatever We are Waiting for - Peace of Mind, Contentment, Grace, The Inner Awareness of Simple Abundance - it will Surely Come to us, but only when We are Ready to Receive it with an Open and Grateful Heart.” 

Sarah Ban Breathnach


“Fighting for Peace is like Screwing for Virginity.” 

George Carlin


“You Can't Separate Peace from Freedom because No One can be at Peace Unless he has his Freedom.”

Malcolm X


“Those who are Free of Resentful Thoughts Surely find Peace.”



“Peace is a Journey of a Thousand miles and it must be Taken One Step at a Time.” 

Lyndon B. Johnson


“We Make War that We may Live in Peace.” 



“You'll Never Find Peace of Mind until you Listen to your Heart.”

George Michael


“Peace is its Own Reward.” 

Mahatma Gandhi


“You Find Peace not by Rearranging The Circumstances of your Life, but by Realizing who you are at The Deepest Level.” 

Eckhart Tolle


“Peace Comes from within. Do Not Seek it Without.” 



“Peace in Ourselves, Peace in The World.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh


“While Conscience is our Friend, all is at Peace; however Once it is Offended, Farewell to a Tranquil mind.” 

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu


“To be Prepared for War is one of The Most Effective means of Preserving Peace.” 

George Washington


“I was always at Peace because of The Way my Mom Treated me.”

Martina Hingis


“I'm still a Soldier, Fighting with my Pen and Paper for Peace till The Day I cease.”

Emmanuel Jal


“Peace without Justice is an Impossibility.” 

Desmond Tutu 


“Success is Peace of Mind which is a Direct Result of Self-satisfaction in Knowing you did your Best to become The Best you are Capable of becoming.”

John Wooden


“Courageous People do Not Fear Forgiving, for The Sake of Peace.” 

Nelson Mandela


“They have Not Wanted Peace at all; They have Wanted to be Spared War – as though The Absence of War was The Same as Peace.” 

Dorothy Thompson


“Imagine all The People Living Life in Peace. You may Say I'm a Dreamer, but I'm Not The only ne. I Hope someday You'll Join us, and The World will be as One.”

John Lennon


“It is Not enough to Win a War; it is more Important to Organize The Peace.” 



“There is Peace in The Garden. Peace and Results.” 

Ruth Stout


“Peace is The Virtue of Civilization. War is its Crime.” 

Victor Hugo 


“There can be No Vulnerability Without Risk; there can be No Community Without Vulnerability; there can be No Peace, and Ultimately No Life, Without Community.” 

M. Scott Peck


“Conflict is Inevitable; You will Never have Total Peace.” 
Robert Greene