Top 100 Leadership Quotes That will Help You Move Forward

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Top 100 Leadership Quotes That will Help You Move Forward

Top 100 Leadership Quotes That will Help You Move Forward


“Be with a Leader when He is Right, Stay with Him when He is still Right, but, Leave Him when He is Wrong.”

Abraham Lincoln


“The Greatest Leader is Not Necessarily The One who does The Greatest Things. He is The One that gets The People to do The Greatest Things.”

Ronald Reagan


“You Don’t have to Hold a Position in Order to be a Leader.”

Henry Ford


“People Buy into The Leader before They Buy into The Vision.”

John C. Maxwell


“The Mediocre Teacher Tells. The Good Teacher Explains. The Superior Teacher Demonstrates. The Great Teacher Inspires.”

William Arthur Ward 


“Great Leaders are almost always Great Simplifiers, who can Cut through Argument, Debate, and Doubt to Offer a Solution everybody can Understand.”

Colin Powell


“If Your Actions Inspire others to Dream more, Learn more, Do more and Become more, You are a Leader.”

John Q. Adams


“As We Look Ahead into The Next Century, Leaders will be those who Empower Others.”

Bill Gates


“The First Responsibility of a Leader is to Define Reality. The Last is to say Thank you. In between, The Leader is a Servant.”

Max De Pree


“Keep Your Fears to yourself, but Share Your Inspiration with Others.”

Robert Louis Stevenson


“The Greatest Leader is Not Necessarily The One who does The Greatest Things. He is The One that gets The People to do The Greatest Things.”

Ronald Reagan


“It’s Fine to Celebrate Success but it is more Important to Heed The Lessons of Failure.”

Bill Gates


“A Leader is Best when People Barely Know He Exists, when His Work is Done, His Aim Fulfilled, They will Say: We did it Ourselves.”

Lao Tzu


“It is a Curious Thing, Harry, but Perhaps those who are Best Suited to Power are those who have Never Sought it. Those who, Like you, have Leadership Thrust upon them, and Take up The Mantle because They must, and Find to their Own Surprise that They Wear it Well.”

J. K. Rowling


“A Good Leader Inspires People to have Confidence in The Leader, a Great Leader Inspires People to have Confidence in Themselves.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


“A Leader is Like a Shepherd. He Stays Behind The Flock, letting The Most Nimble Go out ahead, whereupon The others Follow, Not Realizing that all along They are Being Directed from Behind.”

Nelson Mandela


“Leadership is Not about The Next Election, It's about The Next Generation.”

Simon Sinek


“Leadership is The Art of Getting Someone else to Do Something you Want Done because He Wants to Do it.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower


“Don't Tell People how to Do Things, Tell them what to Do and Let them Surprise You with their Results.”

George S. Patton


“Leadership is Lifting a Person's Vision to High Sights, The Raising of a Person's Performance to a Higher Standard, The Building of a Personality beyond its Normal Limitations.”

Peter Drucker


“Nearly all Men can Stand Adversity, but if You Want to Test a Man's Character, Give him Power.”

Abraham Lincoln


“Perfection is Not Attainable, but if We Chase Perfection We can Catch Excellence.”

Vince Lombardi


“Develop Success from Failures. Discouragement and Failure are Two of The Surest Stepping Stones to Success.”

Dale Carnegie


“I must Follow The People. Am I Not their Leader?”

Benjamin Disraeli


“Leadership is Not about a Title or a Designation. It's about Impact, Influence and Inspiration. Impact Involves getting Results, Influence is about Spreading The Passion you have for Your Work, and You have to Inspire Team-mates and Customers.”

Robin Sharma


“Followers Think and Talk about their Problems... Leaders Think and Talk about The Solutions.”

Brian Tracy


“Our Chief Want is someone who will Inspire us to be what We Know We could be.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Leadership and Learning are Indispensable to Each other.”

John F. Kennedy


“You have to be Burning with an Idea, or a Problem, or a Wrong that You Want to Right. If You're Not Passionate enough from The Start, You'll Never Stick it Out.”

Steve Jobs


“Of all The Things I’ve Done, The Most Vital is Coordinating those who Work with Me and Aiming their Efforts at a Certain Goal.”

Walt Disney  


“A Leader Takes People where They Want to Go. A Great Leader Takes People where They Don’t Necessarily Want to Go but ought to be.”

Rosalynn Carter


“Leadership is The Key to 99 Percent of all Successful Efforts.”

Erskine Bowles


“It is Better to Lead from Behind and to Put others in Front, Especially when You Celebrate Victory when Nice Things occur. You Take The Front Line when there is Danger. Then People will Appreciate Your Leadership.”

Nelson Mandela


“A Genuine Leader is Not a Searcher for Consensus but a Molder of Consensus.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


“Leaders must be Close enough to Relate to Others, but Far enough Ahead to Motivate them.”

John C. Maxwell


“Great Leaders can See The Greatness in Others when They Can’t See it Themselves and Lead them to their Highest Potential They Don’t even Know.”

Roy T. Bennett


“Courage is Not The Absence of Fear. It is Going Forward with The Face of Fear.”

Abraham Lincoln


“I Alone Cannot Change The World, but I can Cast a Stone across The Water to Create many Ripples.”

Mother Teresa


“True Leadership Stems from Individuality that is Honestly and Sometimes Imperfectly Expressed… Leaders should Strive for Authenticity over Perfection.”

Sheryl Sandberg


“Leadership and Learning are Indispensable to Each Other.”

John F. Kennedy


“There is No Passion to be Found Playing Small in Settling for a Life that is Less than The One You are Capable of Living.”

Nelson Mandela


“A Man can only Lead when Others Accept him as their Leader, and He has only as much Authority as his Subjects Give to him. All of The Brilliant Ideas in The World Cannot Save Your Kingdom if No One will Listen to them.”

Brandon Sanderson


“The Growth and Development of People is The Highest Calling of Leadership.”

Harvey S. Firestone


“The Best Way to Destroy an Enemy is to Make him a Friend.”

Abraham Lincoln


“Leadership is The Capacity to Translate Vision into Reality.”

Warren G. Bennis


“He who Cannot be a Good Follower Cannot be a Good Leader.”



“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work, but a Vision Becomes a Nightmare when The Leader has a Big Dream and a Bad Team.”

John C. Maxwell


“Leadership is Unlocking People’s Potential to Become Better.”

Bill Bradley


“Money Won’t Create Success, The Freedom to Make it will.”

Nelson madela


“Lead Me, Follow Me, or Get The Hell Out of My Way.”

George S. Patton Jr.


“He who has Never Learned to Obey Cannot be a Good Commander.”



“To Command is to Serve, Nothing More and Nothing Less.”

Andre Malraux


“Be Grateful for what You already have while You Pursue Your Goals. If You aren’t Grateful for what You already have, what Makes You Think You would be Happy with more.”

Roy T. Bennett


“A Leader is One who Knows The Way, Goes The Way, and Shows The Way.”

John C. Maxwell


“Leaders Don't Create Followers, They Create more Leaders.”

Tom Peters


“We Need to Think of The Future and The Planet We are Going to Leave to our Children and their Children. ”

Kofi Annan


“The Challenge of Leadership is to be Strong, but Not Rude; be Kind, but Not Weak; be Bold, but Not Bully; be Thoughtful, but Not Lazy; be Humble, but Not Timid; be Proud, but Not Arrogant; have Humor, but Without Folly.”

Jim Rohn


“Great Leaders Create more Leaders, Not Followers.”

Roy T. Bennett


“Obstacles are Things a Person Sees when He Takes his Eyes Off his Goal.”

E. Joseph Cossman


“Leadership is Something you Earn, Something you’re Chosen for. You Can’t Come in Yelling, ‘I’m your Leader!’ If it Happens, it’s because The Other Guys Respect you.”

Ben Roethlisberger


“Leadership Cannot just Go Along to get Along. Leadership must Meet The Moral Challenge of The Day.”

Jesse Jackson


“Only One Man in a Thousand is a Leader of Men The Other 999 Follow Women.”

Groucho Marx


“A Leader is a Dealer in Hope.”

Napoleon Bonaparte 


“If You would Convince a Man that He does Wrong, do Right. But do Not Care to Convince him. Men will Believe what They See. Let them See.”

Henry David Thoreau


“Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader.”

Margaret Fuller


“We do Not Need Magic to Change The World, We Carry all The Power We Need Inside Ourselves already: We have The Power to Imagine Better.”

J. K. Rowling


“You must Be The Change You Wish to See in The World.”

Mahatma Gandhi


“Keep away from People who Try to Be Little Your Ambitions. Small People always Do that, but The Really Great Make You Feel that You, too, can Become Great.”

Mark Twain


“The Speed of The Leader is The Speed of The Gang.”

Mary Kay Ash


“We are all Faced with a Series of Great Opportunities Brilliantly Disguised as Impossible Situations.”

Chuck Swindoll


“No Man is Good enough to Govern another Man Without that Other’s Consent.”

Abraham Lincoln


“The Best Way a Mentor can Prepare Another Leader is to Expose him or her to Other Great People.”

John C. Maxwell


“Management is Doing Things Right; Leadership is Doing The Right Things.”

Peter Drucker


“A Good Leader can Engage in a Debate Frankly and Thoroughly, Knowing that at The End He and The Other Side must Be Closer, and thus Emerge Stronger. You Don’t have that Idea when You are Arrogant, Superficial, and Uninformed.”

Nelson Mandela


“I Don't See Myself Being Special; I just See Myself Having More Responsibilities than The Next Man. People Look to Me to Do Things for them, to have Answers.”

Tupac Shakur


“Don't Follow The Crowd, let The Crowd Follow you.”

Margaret Thatcher


“Don’t Waste Your Energy Trying to Educate or Change Opinions; Go Over, Under, Through, and Opinions will Change Organically when You’re The Boss. Or They Won’t. Who Cares? Do your Thing, and Don’t Care if They Like it.”

Tina Fey


“I Learned that Courage was Not The Absence of Fear, but The Triumph Over it. The Brave Man is Not He who does Not Feel Afraid, but He who Conquers that Fear.”

Nelson Mandela


“An Organization’s Ability to Learn, and Translate that Learning into Action Rapidly, is The Ultimate Competitive Advantage.”

Jack Welch 


“The Ultimate Measure of a Man is Not where He Stands in Moments of Comfort and Convenience, but where He Stands at Times of Challenge and Controversy.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.  


“Knowing what must Be Done does Away with Fear.”

Rosa Parks


“The Greatest Leaders Mobilize Others by Coalescing People around a Shared Vision.” 

Ken Blanchard


“A Leader is Best when People Barely know He Exists, when his Work is Done, his Aim Fulfilled, They will Say: We did it Ourselves.” 

Lao Tzu


“The Key to Successful Leadership Today is Influence, Not Authority.” 

Kenneth Blanchard


“Leadership is about Vision and Responsibility, Not Power.” 

Seth Berkley


“The Greatest Gift of Leadership is a Boss who Wants You to Be Successful.” 

Jon Taffer


“Followers Think and Talk about their Problems... Leaders Think and Talk about The Solutions.” 

Brian Tracy


“A Teacher Affects Eternity; He can Never Tell where his Influence Stops.” 

Henry Adams


“The art of Leadership is Saying No, Not Yes. It is Very Easy to Say Yes.” 

Tony Blair


“Leadership is The Art of Giving People a Platform for Spreading Ideas that Work.” 

Seth Godin


“There are Three Essentials to Leadership: Humility, Clarity and Courage.” 

Fuchan Yuan


“The First Responsibility of a Leader is to Define Reality. The Last is to Say Thank You. In between, The Leader is a Servant.” 

Max DePree


“Before You are a Leader, Success is All about Growing Yourself. When You Become a Leader, Success is All about Growing Others.” 

Jack Welch 


“The Nation will Find it Very Hard to Look up to The Leaders who are Keeping their Ears to The Ground.” 

Winston Churchill


“Effective Leadership is Not about Making Speeches or Being Liked; Leadership is Defined by Results Not Attributes.” 

Peter Drucker


“Men Make History and Not The Other way around. In Periods where There is No Leadership, Society Stands still. Progress occurs when Courageous, Skillful Leaders seize The Opportunity to Change Things for The Better.” 

Harry S. Truman


“A Good General Not only Sees The Way to Victory; He also Knows when Victory is Impossible.” 



“Every Time You have to Speak, You are Auditioning for Leadership.” 

James Humes


“The Task of The Leader is to Get their People from where They are to where They have Not Been.” 

Henry Kissinger


“When People Talk, Listen Completely.” 

Ernest Hemingway


“One of The Tests of Leadership is The Ability to Recognize a Problem Before it Becomes an Emergency.” 

Arnold Glasow


“I Cannot Give You The Formula for Success, but I can Give You The Formula for Failure, which is: Try to Please Everybody.” 

Herbert Swope