Top 100 Happiness Quotes That Will You To Feel Happy in Your Life

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Top 100 Happiness Quotes That Will You To Feel Happy in Your Life

Top 100 Happiness Quotes That Will You To Feel Happy in Your Life


“Happiness is The Natural Flower of Duty.”
Phillips Brooks


“Joy is Prayer; Joy is Strength: Joy is Love; Joy is a Net of Love by which You can Catch Souls.”
Mother Teresa


“Poetry Comes from The Highest Happiness or The Deepest Sorrow.”
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


“A Happy Life Consists Not in The Absence, but in The Mastery of Hardships.”
Helen Keller


“There is only One Happiness in Life, to Love and be Loved.”
George Sand


“Folks are Usually about as Happy as they Make their Minds up to be.” 
Abraham Lincoln 


“Success is Not The Key to Happiness. Happiness is The Key to Success. If you Love what You are Doing, You will be Successful.”
Herman Cain 


“Don't Cry because it's Over, Smile because it Happened.”
Dr. Seuss


“Friends Show their Love in Times of Trouble, Not in Happiness.”


“Happiness Cannot be Traveled to, Owned, Earned, Worn or Consumed. Happiness is The Spiritual Experience of Living Every minute with Love, Grace, and Gratitude.”
Denis Waitely


“True Happiness Arises, in The First Place, from The Enjoyment of One’s self.”
Joseph Addison


“Happiness is a Direction, Not a Place.”
Sydney J. Harris


“For every Minute You are Angry you Lose sixty seconds of Happiness.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Happiness is Not something you Postpone for The Future; it is Something you Design for The Present.”
Jim Rohn


“Thousands of Candles can be Lighted from a Single Candle, and The Life of The Candle will Not be Shortened. Happiness Never Decreases by being Shared.”


“Be Happy with what You have. Be Excited about what You Want.”
Alan Cohen 


“Being Happy Doesn't Mean that Everything is Perfect. It Means that You've Decided to Look beyond The Imperfections.”
Gerard Way 


“People should Find Happiness in The Little Things, Like Family.” 
Amanda Bynes 


“Happiness in Intelligent People is The Rarest Thing I know.”
Ernest Hemingway 


“Be Happy with what have and are, Be Generous with Both, and You Won’t have to Hunt for Happiness.”
William E. Gladstone 


“Now and then it’s Good to Pause in our Pursuit of Happiness and Just be Happy.”
Guillaume Apollinaire 


“Happiness Doesn't Depend on what We have, but it does Depend on how We Feel toward what We have. We can be Happy with Little and Miserable with much.”
William D. Hoard 


“Be Happy for this Moment. This Moment is Your Life.”
Omar Khayyam 


“Love is that Condition in which The Happiness of another Person is Essential to your Own.”
Robert A. Heinlein 


“Happiness is Not Something Ready made. It Comes from Your Own Actions.”
Dalai Lama 


“Happiness? That’s Nothing more than Health and a Poor Memory.”
Albert Schweitzer 


“Rules for Happiness: Something to do, Someone to Love, Something to Hope for.”
Immanuel Kant 


“Every day is a New day, and you'll Never be Able to Find Happiness if you Don't Move on.”
Carrie Underwood 


“Be Kind whenever Possible. It is always Possible.”
Dalai Lama 


“My Mission in Life is Not Merely to Survive, But to Thrive; and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humor, and some Style.”
Maya Angelou 


“If you Want others to be Happy, Practice Compassion. If you Want to be Happy, Practice Compassion.”
Dalai Lama


“Happiness is Not in The Mere Possession of Money; it Lies in The Joy of Achievement, in The Thrill of Creative Effort.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt


“Happiness is Not by Chance, but by Choice.”
Jim Rohn


“The Most Important Thing is to Enjoy your Life to be Happy—it's all that Matters.” 
Audrey Hepburn


“You Cannot Protect yourself from Sadness Without Protecting yourself from Happiness.”
Jonathan Safran Foer 


“It’s The Moments that I Stopped just to be, rather than do, that have Given me True Happiness.”
Richard Branson 


“Happiness is Not a Goal; it is a by-Product.”
Eleanor Roosevelt


“The Best Way to Pay for a Lovely Moment is to Enjoy it.”
Richard Bach


“One of The Keys to Happiness is a Bad Memory.”
Rita Mae Brown


“No Medicine Cures what Happiness Cannot.”
Gabriel García Márquez 


“You Cannot Protect yourself from Sadness Without Protecting yourself from Happiness.”
Jonathan Safran Foer 


“Family and Friendships are Two of The Greatest Facilitators of Happiness.”
John C. Maxwell


“The Best Way to Cheer Yourself is to Try to Cheer Someone else Up.”
Mark Twain 


“If You aren’t Grateful for what You already Have, what Makes You Think You would be Happy with More.”
Roy T. Bennett 


“The Secret to Happiness is Freedom - and The Secret to Freedom is Courage.”


“Resolve to Keep Happy, and Your Joy and You shall form an Invincible Host Against Difficulties.”
Helen Keller


“The only Way to Find True Happiness is to Risk being Completely cut Open.”
Chuck Palahniuk


“Sanity and Happiness are an Impossible Combination.”
Mark Twain 


“Happiness Held is The Seed; Happiness Shared is The Flower.”
John Harrigan 


“If you Want to Live a Happy Life, Tie it to a Goal, Not to People or Objects.”
Albert Einstein 


“As people Spin Faster and Faster in The Pursuit of Merely personal Happiness, They become Exhausted in The Futile effort of Chasing themselves.”
Andrew Delbanco


“Happy Girls are The Prettiest.”
Audrey Hepburn


“The Foolish Man Seeks Happiness in The Distance, The Wise Grows it Under his Feet.”
James Oppenheim 


“The Best and Most Beautiful Things in The World cannot be Seen or even Touched - They must be Felt with The Heart.”
Helen Keller


“Happiness is Not a Station you Arrive at, But a Manner of Traveling.”
Margaret Lee Runbeck 


“The Biggest Adventure you can Take is to Live The Life of your Dreams.”
Oprah Winfrey 


“Success is Getting what You Want, Happiness is Wanting what You Get.”
W. P. Kinsella 


“Until You are Happy with who You are, You will Never be Happy with what You Have.”
Zig Ziglar 


“It’s Not how much We have, But how much we Enjoy, that Makes Happiness.”
Charles Spurgeon 


“Family, Friends, a Good Laugh and Beautiful Weather are The Best Cures.” 
Bar Refaeli 


“We Don’t Laugh because we’re Happy – We’re Happy because we Laugh.”
William James 


“The Worst Part of Success is Trying to Find someone who is Happy for You.”
Bette Midler 


“Happiness Depends upon Ourselves.”


“The Present Moment is Filled with Joy and Happiness. If You are Attentive, You will See it.”
Thich Nhat Hanh 


“The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy.”
Dalai Lama 


“The Secret of Happiness, you See, is Not Found in Seeking more, But in Developing The Capacity to Enjoy Less.”


“Let us be Grateful to The People who Make us Happy; They are The Charming Gardeners who Make our Souls Blossom.”
Marcel Proust 


“Learn to Value Yourself, which Means: Fight for Your Happiness.”
Ayn Rand 


“A Great Obstacle to Happiness is to Expect too much Happiness.”
Bernard de Fontenelle 


“You will Never be Happier than you Expect. To Change your Happiness, Change your Expectation.”
Bette Davis 


“In our Lives, Change is Unavoidable, Loss is Unavoidable. In The Adaptability and Ease with which We Experience change, Lies our Happiness and Freedom.”


“There is No Passion to be Found Playing Small in Settling for a Life that is Less than The One You are Capable of Living.”
Nelson Mandela 


“Happiness is Holding someone in your Arms and Knowing you Hold The whole World.”
Orhan Pamuk 


“'Sunrise Sunset' is about Trying to get to a Place where Life is Simple and Not Letting The Stress and Happenings in The World get in The Way of your Happiness.”
Benny Cassette 


“Some Cause Happiness wherever They Go; Others whenever They Go.”
Oscar Wilde 


“Happiness is Something that Comes into our Lives through The Doors we Don’t even Remember Leaving Open.”
Rose Lane 


“There are Two Ways to be Happy: Improve your Reality, or Lower your Expectations.”
Jodi Picoult 


“There is No Happiness Like that of Being Loved by your Fellow Creatures, and Feeling that your Presence is an Addition to their Comfort.”
Charlotte Bronte 


“Please Believe that Things are Good with Me, and even when They're Not, They will be soon Enough. And I will always Believe The Same about You.” 
Stephen Chbosky 


“Indeed, Man Wishes to be Happy even when He so Lives as to Make Happiness Impossible.”
St. Augustine 


“A Smile is Happiness you'll Find Right under your Nose.”
Tom Wilson 


“Happiness is when what You Think, what You Say, and what You Do are in Harmony.”
Mahatma Gandhi 


“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your Tears Water The Seeds of your Future Happiness.”
Steve Maraboli 


“The Constant Happiness is Curiosity.”
Alice Munro 


“All Seasons are Beautiful for The Person who Carries Happiness within.”
Horace Friess 


“Love is that Condition in which The Happiness of another Person is Essential to your Own.”
Robert A. Heinlein 


“Unique and Different is The Next Generation of Beautiful.”
Taylor Swift 


“Laughter is an Instant Vacation.”
Milton Berle 


“It is The very Mark of The Spirit of Rebellion to Crave for Happiness in this Life.”
Henrik Ibsen 


“Bride: A Woman with a Fine Prospect of Happiness behind her.”
Ambrose Bierce 


“Happiness Quite Unshared can Scarcely be Called Happiness; It has No Taste.”
Charlotte Bronte 


“Let No One ever Come to you Without Leaving Better and Happier. Be the Living Expression of God's Kindness: Kindness in your Face, Kindness in your Eyes, Kindness in your Smile.”
Mother Teresa 


“It is very Important to Generate a Good Attitude, a Good Heart, as much as Possible. From this, Happiness in both The Short term and The Long term for both Yourself and Others will Come.”
Dalai Lama 


“Money Doesn't Bring Happiness and Creativity. Your Creativity and Happiness Brings Money.”
Sam Rosen 


“Happiness is where We Find it, but Very Rarely where We Seek it.”
J. Petit Senn 


“Nobody Really Cares if You’re Miserable, so You might as well be Happy.”
Cynthia Nelms 


“Happiness can be Found, even in The Darkest of Times, if One only Remembers to Turn on The Light.”
J.K. Rowling 


“With Mirth and Laughter let Old Wrinkles come.”
William Shakespeare 


“I am Not Bound to Win, I am Bound to be True. I am Not Bound to Succeed, but I am Bound to Live up to The Light I have.”
Abraham Lincoln 


“Happiness is an Accident of Nature, a Beautiful and Flawless Aberration.”
Pat Conroy 


“Write it on Your Heart that every Day is The Best Day in The Year.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson